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Kelli Smith received a BS in Architecture and Design from the University of Louisiana in May of 2007. As a student of design she came to embrace both aesthetics and functionality.  In 2011, after working several post-grad jobs she found that creating art was her true passion and launched her Etsy shop, KellismCo, in which she customizes and paints TOMS canvas shoes.  Painting has since become a defining aspect of her life.

Born in New Iberia, LA, Smith has always felt fortunate to grow up amidst the richness of Cajun culture and the lush landscape of South Louisiana. Her appreciation for nature and diversity are strong elements of her work. Smith does not attempt to realistically replicate nature, but simply aspires to create beautiful and thought-provoking images derived from nature. She is quite the arts and crafts enthusiast and enjoys dabbling in all areas of creative expression.

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