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Services & Skills!

Art, design, painting, creating, problem-solving, building, crafting.  I do it all!


Give me something and I will paint on it!  I painted interior murals for a residence in Loreauville, LA for a year.  For the past year I have been painting custom TOMS shoes, as well as hand-painted purses and bracelets.  Currently I have started embroidery hoop paintings, which are now available in my shop.  I am open to painting on anything and welcome new projects!

Architecture & Design

I graduated in Architecture & Design of May 2007 from University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  I have worked for an Architecture firm in New Orleans for a year as well as a General Contracting Firm in New Iberia for the past 3 years.  I am currently collaborating with a local interior designer.  I am available for Residential Design & Drafting.


I have recently started carving linocuts (like big stamps).  I have prints available, and greeting cards to come!  Open for custom work!

Wish Bracelets

These bracelets were inspired by the Brazilian Wish Bracelets tradition.  The way it works is you tie 3 knots and for each knot you make a wish.  It is believed once the bracelet falls off your wishes have come true.  I think we could all use a few wishes!  For more information on these bracelets click here.

Let me know if I can help with a project!

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