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About the artist

Kelli Smith, originally from New Iberia and currently residing in Lafayette, Louisiana, earned her BS in Architecture and Design from the University of Louisiana in May 2007. Throughout her studies, she developed a keen appreciation for the harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality in design.


Following a collaborative mural project in 2008, where she spent nine months painting indoor murals with a fellow artist, Kelli embraced her true passion for creating art. Painting has since become a defining aspect of her life.


In 2015, Kelli was honored with one of the Creativity Everywhere Grants for downtown Lafayette. One of her notable works, the Louisiana Iris mural, can be admired on the exterior of the newly opened Ton’s restaurant building downtown.


Growing up surrounded by the richness of Cajun culture and the lush landscapes of South Louisiana, Kelli's art is deeply influenced by her environment. Her work reflects a profound appreciation for nature and diversity, aspiring not to replicate reality but to evoke beauty and contemplation through her artistic interpretation. An avid arts and crafts enthusiast, Kelli enjoys exploring various forms of creative expression beyond painting.

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