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Alley Mural at The Greenroom

To celebrate the 2015 Festival International de Louisiane, Skip Angelle and I were commissioned to create a vibrant geometric mural at the back alley entrance of the Jefferson Street Greenroom in downtown Lafayette, LA.

The project began with careful preparation. We pressure-washed the wall, applied primer, and painted it in gray as the base color for our design. To create a smooth canvas, we covered the blacked-out windows. After allowing several days for the wall to cure, we were ready to start.

Using 2” painter's tape, we meticulously laid down triangular shapes, aiming for variety in size and spacing to achieve a cohesive and dynamic design. The taping process was meticulous and time-consuming due to the uneven surface.

With masks on, we began spraying varying shades of green, strategically placing each color to enhance the overall composition. This step required careful consideration of color placement to achieve the desired effect.

The entire layout and painting process took a full day, with our two-person team working in harmony to bring the mural to life. Once the painting was complete, we eagerly embarked on the final step – removing the painter's tape to reveal the finished design.

The resulting mural boasted a striking pop of color and vibrancy, perfectly complementing the personality of The Greenroom.

In addition to the mural, we installed a custom metal entrance sign. The design, conceptualized by myself, was fabricated by David Wattigny and painted by Jacqueline Davis. The illuminated sign added an extra touch of flair to enhance the overall impact of the mural.

Reflecting on this project, we learned valuable lessons. We discovered that the material used to cover the windows wasn’t suitable for exterior use, leading to issues that needed to be addressed later on. Furthermore, the importance of quality paint was highlighted, as the colors began to fade over time due to prolonged sun exposure.

Despite these challenges, we remain proud of the mural and hope that it will receive a refresh in the future to restore its original vibrancy. Each project teaches us something new, and we look forward to applying these lessons to future endeavors.

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